BX 4TC REGISTER XL3000 series + Hueliez

BX 4TC REGISTER XL3000 series (mark II) and Hueliez black special.

This register shows all Mark II produced BX 4TC 200 series cars, build in 1987.
In fact this second series (1987 models) are the remaining 1986 production cars with some minor improvements. After production one more black 4TC was build for the Hueliez presedent.

chassis orga plate nr status remarks
XL3001 3783 ??????? Active-Poland [ORGA 3783 = 19-3-87] ex Jean Francois Pierre with licenseplate “114 TB 45” in France when he bought it directly in 1987. In July 2022 sold on an auction to a new owner in Warschau, Poland. Beneath photos provided by the former owner, taken in 2006 and 2007. (ex license plate number 461 GHJ 75) / FJ-488-QL, reg. issued in 2019 which looks a bit strange!!
XL3002 None Auction France 2928 YY 95, reg. issued in 1987. Date of first registration 10/06/87. This BX4TC was sold new by the Citroen dealership in Le Blanc-Mesnil to Jean-Claude Texier, of Asnieres. It was later recovered by the Citroen factory and given to Andre Trigano without any registration papers. It was kept in very good shape inside his private collection and offered at the Retromobile auction February 2016.
XL3002_Trigano_36 Citroen BX 4TC 1X

XL3003 8081VB78 Active? The reg. issued in 1989. Unknown where it is today.
XL3004 ???????? Active-Japan [2-7-1987]. The first owner (from July 1987), living in Bordeaux sold it in October 1988 to the second owner. In 1999 the car was seen on an auction but was not sold. It carried license plate number “9491 WWC 33”  In 2005 it was bought by a Japanese car collector and imported in Japan. There it was seen during meetings. In France it once had a license plate number ending with “50 WCE 42” and a license number starting with “279“. On photos it is recognisable by the special stripings. Photos beneath were taken in 1998 by Vincent Lasser and 2006 (Japan) by Koji Kirazawa.
XL3005 GP482JE Active?? Date of first registration 08/10/87. In 1987 this car, wearing license plate number “9403 NA 13” was burned (due to engine fire). After that the car was sold in December 1987 to someone who planned to use it for spare parts. Not much was left and rest was scrapped. Sadly no photos are known of this car. Then with this chassisnumber GP-482-JE, it was again reg. issued in 2023 (!).  Seems either the identity was reused on another car, or the original one was restored and now back on the road.
XL3006 FT584GH Active-France Reg. issued in 2020. Date of first registration 19/10/87. This car was still with its first owner (licensed as 2592 LL 04) until around 2020 when it got a new owner.  Photos beneath were provided by Ludovic and the rally marked one was taken in December 2008.

XL3007 ???????? Active-Japan Ex 4238 XZ 38, reg. issued in 1988. Date of first registration 27/10/87. Since 1999 it was seen often on auctions, located near Bordeaux. In December 2005 it was bought by a Japanese car collector (known by us) and brought over to Japan. Beneath the only known photos of the car, taken in Japan on a maintenance bridge.
XL3008 Scrap?? Unknown history – likely scrapped.
XL3009 Scrap?? Unknown history – likely scrapped.
XL3010 None Preserved France This car was found inside the big Schlumpf Car Museum at Mulhouse, France in October 2010. It was still as delivered from the factory with interior protection shields and written chassis number calcked on the front window. It is protected from dust by a white blanket. Unknown what the museum is planning to do with it. Beneath photos taken in 2010 by Sébastien Bogiraud.
XL3011 3797 EQ640NW Active ORGA number 3797 (production date  2 April 1987) Owned by current owner since 2017. Ehibited Matra Museum: http://www.museematra.com/2019/04/.


XL3012 Scrap?? Unknown history – likely scrapped.
XL3013 Scrap?? Unknown history – likely scrapped.
XL3014 Scrap?? Unknown history – likely scrapped.
XL3015 Scrap?? Unknown history – likely scrapped.
XL3016 Scrap?? Unknown history – likely scrapped.
XL3017 Scrap?? Unknown history – likely scrapped.
XL3018 Scrap?? Unknown history – likely scrapped.
XL3019 Scrap?? Unknown history – likely scrapped.
XL3020 Scrap?? Unknown history – likely scrapped.
XL3021 3810 BY857NJ Active-Italy? [ORGA = 3810 = 15-4-1987]. First owner got it in 1987 and gave it license number “860 AAH 77“. Second owner had it from 12 February 1991 and the car had license number “4270 XE 45“. Then the third owner bought it in December 2002 and gave it license number “201 BVA 38“. In July 2006 it was for sale and soon after bought by the current owner (known by us) who gave it license number “505 EEY 78″. That owner put it for sale around December 2008. The car was sold and completely stripped, repainted and restored as new in 2009. It got license plate number “BY 857 NJ” and was first noted in 2013. In February 2019 it was sold on an auction to someone (likely in Italy). Beneath photos of the car. Left taken by Wouter Bregman around 2002, and the other was taken when it was for sale in 2008. It was shown at the auction with licenseplate number DX 104 LB.
XL3022 Scrap?? Unknown history – likely scrapped.
XL3023 None Preserved
Preserved inside the large collection of the Reims Champagne Car Museum. The museum received the car in 1988 and it is one of the paperless (non-homologation/licensed) 4TC cars. Beneath a photo taken in April 2008 by Marc Milano and right taken in July 2012 by Iain McLauchlan.
XL3024 None Active-Holland This car was given by Citroen to ex-Formula 1 driver Jean Pierre Beltoise. Early May 2005 it was put for sale on a French auction and sold to a Dutch car collector. It was brought over to Holland where it can be found today as part of his collection near Eindhoven. Photos beneath have been taken during a Citro event in Kerkrade, September 2012.
XL3025 GJ126XS Scrap?? Reg. issued in 2022. Date of first registration 01/11/87. Likely the car was given back to Citroen and scrapped.
XL3026 3839 BX 0476 Luxembourg [engine 000226] Ex Swiss Sbarro collection. Owned by Thierry Jegen in Luxembourg since 2020.
XL3027 Scrap?? Unknown history – likely scrapped.
XL3028 0-ADN-839 Active-Belgium [engine 000228] This car was sold to someone in Luxembourg (1987). That owner sold it to a collector in Belgium being Denis Fontaine. In 2013 it was seen with license plate number “KFT-649” but that could have been given already by a next Belgium owner. Around 2014 a new owner got the car giving it number “1-OAS-006” which changed to the current held 0-ADN-839. It is still owned by Denis today. Beneath photos showing the car still owned by the owner in Luxembourg (june 2009), the other shows the car with the current plate, taken at the Citroracing event 2014 by Jean Francois Pierre. In 2019 the car was seen with a new license plate number during the 100th years Citroen event.
XL3029 528EDF91 Active-France [engine 000229] This car was one of the non-homologated cars from Citroen which gave it calked “3622 WWM 91” license number. It was for sale in May/June 2002 and sold in November 2002. The owner managed to get it licensed and in 2005 the former owner bought it back and still has it today. New license number “528 EDF 91” became assigned later on. It was first noticed with this number on a forum in June 2007. Car should have been registered in 2006 and located at Essones, near Paris, France. It has now chassisnumber 00XL0016 identity for road-license purposes. That number once belonged to a crashed 4TC. Beneath old photo by Vincent Lafuente.
XL3030 3874 37W47 Active-CZK [ORGA 3874 = 18-6-1987]. It was one of the non-homologated cars. It was exported to Belgium soon after production. In 2006 it was offered for sale and sold to someone in France. In January 2008 it was bought by a Czech car collector (known by us) and brought over to the Czech Republic and carries now still the original license number “37W47″. Beneath photos provided by the Czech owner.
HZ1986-3 none XT-425-R Holland This single black painted car was produced years later by Heuliez employees with remaining spare parts and offered to Mr Heuliez for his retirement. So it has NO real chassisnumber but instead code “HZ1986-3” was found. In 2012 it was sold to a  Belgium rally consortium in Kortrijk which lateron sold it to a Dutch Citroen collector in November 2012. Currently the car has an official road license and chassisnumber has been crafted into the body near the right wheel strut.

New chassisnumber has become : HLZSAS523035970 for road licensing.