XL0069 offered at auction

29 Oct

This BX 4TC will be offered at the auction Salon Époque’Auto – Automobiles de Collection (69686 Chassieu) chez Osenat, 69686 Chassieu, November 11th.
Estimated price will be around 40000-60000 euro.
This Citroën BX 4 TC “Series 200” was registered on June 29, 1987 in Paris under the number 937 GJY 75. Its current owner took possession on November 23, 2000 while the car ‘ve got 45 000 kilometers. it has since made about 5,000 kilometers , probably making the BX 4 TC the most rolled and thus, a reliable car. Regularly maintained, the file counts all the invoices carried out since 2000. The latest in date testify of a change of the brake, a ball joint, an electric pump, a spherical cushion … It is thus in good condition mechanical, starts quickly, the speeds pass without problems and the hydraulic suspension works well. This BX 4 TC presents very well, it is in its original condition. His white Meije paint is in good condition, its interior is like new. It has of course all the features of the 4 TC, rims counters and orders.

More to find on the website.

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  1. The car was successfully sold to a new owner for 52800 €.
    It would be great if the new owner could contact us so we can add him/her to the exclusive contact group of 4TC owners.

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