Rare birds BX4TC

27 Dec

Citroën BX 4TC car number XL3026 was sold late 1987 to a car collector in Swiss by Citroën France.
The car (manufactured with ORGA 3839 on May 14th, 1987) was a “press car” and did not have any road license papers. The car has always been kept in private hands without any photos known.
Suddenly the car showed up on the Retromobile 2017 auction and was sold for 63,798 € on February 3rd, with only 240 kilometers run. The new owners are in Germany being car collection company Rare Birds (www.rare-birds.de) – Actually they managed to get the car German road registrated this year and is now a nice addition to the wonderful collection.
Photos were provided by Nora Männer (co-founder).


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