XL0069 sold at Sotheby’s in the US.

30 Aug

This month the BX 4TC-200 XL0069 owned by Chris Allen was sold during an auction at Sotheby’s. The new owner bought it for $ 89.600 and hopefully we will soon find out who the lucky owner is.

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  1. Saw this car in person this morning at a Cars & Coffee in Santa Clarita, CA. The new owner is a major car collector who owns many Group A & B rally cars and others, including a Porsche 959 in pearl white. The BX 4TC is a very interesting and unique car!

  2. Hello
    This car will be added to the Xbox game ‘Forza Horizon 5’ next series (S34, “Horizon Retrowave”) in the game’s ‘Spring season’ (between June 13 and June 19, 2024).

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