The BX 4TC Evo is a FIA homologated Groupe B car for the 1986 World Rally Championship. In total Citroen built 20 cars with their chassisnumbers stamped on the bodywork. The BX 4TC Evo cars used licenseplates within the range 9795 till 9830NR92 during competitions. Around 7-10 EVO cars should still exist today. WRC codes used beneath are : ACR = Acropolis Rally, MC = Monte Carlo Rally and S = Sweden rally, all in 1986.

Be aware that the register beneath is still not complete. We are interested in any additional information making this register more complete!! Thanks in advance!!

Chassisnr Licenseplate WRC Status Remarks
162-15 9812NR92 ACR “17” Active-Spain This car has been owned by Phillipe Wambergue (former BX 4TC EVO Citroen Factory driver) since many years and went under restoration which was finished early 2009. It once participated in the WRC Acropolis rally 1986 (2-4 June) as “17” with driver P. Wambergue and navigator J.B.Vieu. For that reason they brought back the number “17” and stickers of the Acropolis rallye on the car. The car is put on an auction at the EuroCitro event mid August 2009 in Le Mans, France. It was confirmed that a stamped “162-15” chassisnumber is found inside the engine bay. It was not sold and Phillipe showed the car during various demonstrations, including rallyes. In Autumn 2013 it was stated that the car was sold to a Spanish Group B car collector which owns now all used Group B car models. Photos beneath show it in Greece 1986 and during the Eifel classic rallye 2012.
(162)-16 9806NR92 ??? Active-UK The last rally it participated was Rallye National Terre De Charent as “14”. Lateron this car was used by Patrick Pivert during the French Rallycross championship. In France it was seen on special occasions in a yellow color scheme. It was sold to Enda Garvey (Group B car collector, UK) who restored the car to 100% in February 2009 and uses the car now also for demonstrations. Beneath photos showing it as a yellow demo car and a photo (from Enda Garvey) after the restoration in 2009.
162-17 9829NR92 MC “17” / S “11” Active-France This car is owned by the Phillipe Wambergue’s brother Dominique. It once Participated in the WRC Monte Carlo Rally 1986 (18-24 January) as “17” and also in the Rally of Sweden 1986 (14-16 February) as “11” both with driver P.Wambergue and navigator J.B.Vieu. It has been for sale a few times on Ebay in 2008 bot not sold. It looks like it will be restored. Chassisnumber 162-17 has been confirmed. Beneath photos were taken at MonteCarlo and Sweden.
161-18 9???NR92 ??? Museum Preserved Citroën Conservatoire, Aulnay. Between 28/30 January 2005 it could be found inside the rallygallery during the 18th Belgium Motor Show 2005 in Luige/Luik. Because on the car the names can be found of Andruet and his navigator this makes this car a possible candidate for Monte Carlo (15 – 9817NR92) Sweden (10 – 9830NR92) or Acropolis (14 – 9809NR92). Beneath the car shown at Aulnay (thanks to Martijn van Well).
164-19? 9???NR92 ??? Active-France Owned by Garage du midi (Citroen Agent), Montmerle Sur Saone. This car took part during several years in races of the french rally cross championship, possibly with a Peugeot T16 engine. It was last noted with the garage mid 2009. Photo beneath thanks to Jean Francois Pierre.
??? 9820NR92 ??? Scrap. This last rally it participated must have been the Rallye National Terre de Charent as “14”.
This was 1 of the two cars which was lateron used by Patrick Pivert during the French Rallycross championship. During one of the races (Saint Junien circuit) it crashed and was fully destroyed. In a long right fast part upon a small hill, he lost control and the car rolled 3 to 5 times and was totalloss. Gladly Patrick Pivert was ok. He took the 2nd shell and drove this second car for the rest of the season. Parts of this crashed EVO were used to restore another EVO (nr 16). Photo shows the car driven by Pivert.
??? 9817NR92 MC “15” ????? Participated in the WRC Monte Carlo Rally 1986 (18-24 January) as “15” with driver J.C.Andruet and navigator A.Peuvergne. Current status unknown. Photo beneath shows the car at Monte Carlo in 1986.
??? 9809NR92 ACR “14” ????? Participated in the WRC Acropolis Rally 1986 (2-4 February 1986) as “14” with driver J.C.Andruet and navigator A.Peuvergne. Current status unknown. Photos beneath show the car during the Acropolis Rally.
??? 9???NR92 ??? Museum Preserved at Hommel Car Museum, Rennes. Photo beneath was taken inside the museum in May 2007.
??? 5619W92 ??? ????? Likely a plate used on a prototype plate. It’s identity is never revealed. Current status unknown.
??? 9799NR92 ACR “19” ????? Participated in the WRC Acropolis 1986 (2-4 June) as “19” with driver Maurice Chomat and navigator Didier Breton. Current status unknown.
??? 9830NR92 S “10” ????? Participated only in the WRC Sweden 1986 (14-16 February) as “10” with driver J.C.Andruet and navigator A.Peuvergne. Current status unknown. Photo beneath: During Sweden rally 1986.