BX SPORT register

This is the international BX Sport register.

Register is based on the car identity via its chassisnumber.
Please select the range of chassisnumbers to find a car.


General information on BX SPORT sold cars in the world:

Austria : Around 50.
Belgium : Around 200.
Bulgaria : None, but at least one silver car was imported.
Colombia : 3.
Czech Republic : None, but at least one grey and one silver car were imported.
Denmark : 60.
Finland : 24.
France : 4000+
Germany : Few (around 10?).
Holland :
Hungary : None, but at least one red car was imported.
Indonesia : Some cars were modified by external parts from 16 TRS cars.
Italy : Between 200-500.
Japan : 23, imported via private garage project from brand new Citroen France batch, From 2007 around 9 were added from Europe (new import).
Luxemburg : Around 150, all via the Belgium Citroen importer.
Monaco : Unknown at least 1 car known.
Poland : None, but at least some cars were imported.
Portugal : around 50.
Romania :
None, but at least one red car was imported.
Spain :
Thailand : Some cars were modified by external parts from 16 TRS cars.
UK : None, but at least some cars were imported.

When looking for BX SPORT cars (or spare parts) for sale in the world, here a few links:

FINLAND: http://www.nettiauto.com/citroen/bx
FRANCE: (spare parts)http://www.leboncoin.fr/equipement_auto/offres/ile_de_france/occasions/?f=a&th=1&q=%22bx+sport%22
HOLLAND: http://occasions.autoscout24.nl/?atype=C&mmvmk0=21&mmvmd0=1705&mmvco=1&make=21&model=1705&cy=NL&ustate=N%2CU&fromhome=1&intcidm=HP-Searchmask-Button&dtr=s

UK page about the BX SPORT by Julian Marsh can be found here : http://www.citroenet.org.uk/passenger-cars/psa/bx/bx-sport1.html and http://www.citroenet.org.uk/passenger-cars/psa/bx/bx-sport.html