Beneath the register for all known cars with chassisnumbers starting with 0002XJ….
These cars were delivered to Austria, Italy and Spain due to special requirements.

Austria : Chassisnumbers are 0002XJ0001 till 0002XJ0100.
Italy : Chassisnumbers are 0002XJ5001 till 0002XJ5350.
Spain : Chassisnumbers are 0002XJ7001 till 0002XJ7308.

c/n orga color Loc f-date License nr Status
0011 3277 red RO 1985 ABE-NRC943 Gelula Lucian, Romania, imported from Austria in 1987.
0015 red A 1985 unknown Painted violet metallic from 1st owner. Now in restoration with plan to bring it back in original red colors.
0049 grey BLG 5-3-86 PB0307TT Borislav Iliev, Bulgaria, imported from Austria late 90s.
0074 red A 1-7-86 KL754AP Horst Zach, Schwarzenau, Austria.
5044 silver F 1985 DS447FH Exported to France, ex Italy TO04418E, France.
5049 3304 silver NL 21-11-85 none Ex Italy nr MI21261Z, Exported to Holland 2017 and now for sale in Vlaardingen.
5062 grey I 5-10-85 AN517732 Carlo Visani, Italy.
5274 3342 silver I 2-6-86 VA990189 Roberto Paolieri, Varese, Italy.
5304 grey I 8-8-86 PN230884 For sale by Giuseppe Granieri, Italy.
7138 grey E 1986 M9226GW For sale, Spain.
7238 3403 white E 5-6-86 PO1845X Jorge Anzoma, Madrid, Spain.

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