Beneath we try to show one photo of each of the Dutch registered BX SPORT cars with license plate numbers starting with an “R” or later/newer numbers. When you want a bigger photo of one of these, please mail us, and if you have BX SPORT photos your self please mail them to us as well so we are able to share these. (please click on the small thumbnail photos to show the whole photo).


RB-01-BN RB-51-FH RB-79-HB RB-83-XZ
reree NL_RB51FH_mar98_owncollection_JMWerkmanX reree NL_RB83XZ_Rudmer_aug08b
RD-13-PZ RD-28-YG RF-92-GX RF-13-NG
NL_RD13PZ_BijmaDrachten2X NL_RD28YG_CitroenForum reree NL_RF13NG_WieringaX
RF-92-TB RG-80-DH RG-34-HB RG-39-LG
NL_RF92TB_Zomer99_JeroenStrikX reree reree NL_RG39LG_Emmen_dec97_HPrinsX
RN-39-GL RN-58-JS RR-87-SL RS-63-HY
reree reree reree NL_RS63HY_Veiling_Ettelbruck_febr2014_e
SB-42-LY SF-59-SJ TT-89-TK XX-02-XN
NL_SB42LY_Citromobiel_05may96_HPrins232X NL_SF59SJ_BXSPORTIF_Utrecht_05may96_HPrinsX reree NL_XX02XN_MichelTanghe (2)
FP-VH-68 GX-ND-86 HZ-HH-13 JF-VJ-40
reree NL_GXND86_roncitf NL_HZHH13_BXSPORTIF_Utrecht_05may96_HPrins234X NL_JFVJ40_Emmeloord_31jul99_HPrins233X
RX-VF-67 ZF-PH-45 45-NB-GS 63-XK-JT
NL_RXVF67_Citromobiel_02may98_RobertBakkerX NL_ZFPH45_MatthijsGaasbeek_2014_c NL_45NBGS_Remco1 NL_63XKJT_PaulElings2X
38-HXZ-8 55-KZX-9 66-LJL-5 98-RGL-4
NL_38HXZ8_16jun13_WesleyHuisman NL_55KZX9_X NL_66LJL5_dec2010_a NL_98RGL4_dec2013_WouterBregman
56-TRT-4 65-XBD-1 KD-197-P KG-106-K 
SF-905-T VR-757-J

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