Swiss XL0062 for sale

15 Nov

This month November 2022 the Citroën BX 4TC-200 XL0062 was offered for sale on the Wooow motors website, found here. Current offer : €50 000 (as of November 15th). Estimated between €180 000 and €240 000. If interested please visit … Read More »

Trigano 4TC sold at auction

7 Feb


[7 February 2016] As mentioned earlier, the BX 4TC (c/n XL3002) owned by Trigano and once stored in his private museum was put at an auction organized by Artcurial at the Retromobile show in Paris last week. At this auction the car was succesfully sold for 52000 euro. Hopefully we will find out more about the new owner in the near future.
Photo thanks to Jeroen van Zutphen!

Lateron :  Based on the information communicated by the french classic car newspaper LVA (La Vie de l’Auto), the sale price of the BX 4TC Trigano including taxes (16% auction taxes + VAT = 19,3%) was 61980€. It is confirmed that the car has no registration paper.

New updated website!

3 Jan

4TC_SUEDE_WAMBERGUE_nr11_crocoludo[3 January 2016] Hello all, welcome to the updated version of the International Citroen BX 4TC register website. It now also includes an International register for BX SPORT cars build between 1985 and 1987.