Reborn in Denmark

14 Feb

[14-2-2017]  These days a silver grey metallic BX SPORT can be found driving along the roads near Roskilde, a town some 30km from Copenhagen, Denmark. It is not just a BX SPORT but in fact it has a certain history in … Read More »

BX4TC body parts for sale

13 Feb

Someone in France is offering 4TC body parts for sale. All together for 600 euro. If interested please contact him Thierry Troiano by email (for privacy means I put this in a picture)..

BX 4TC XL3026 on auction

12 Feb

[10 February 2017] This month (February ) the non-licensed BX 4TC XL3026 was put on sale at the auction of retromobile 2017. It is a Swiss car and price indication is between 50K-80K euro. More information and photos can be … Read More »

Violet Sport in Austria

7 Mar

[7 March 2016]  For many years it was known that a BX SPORT was driving around in Austria in purple metallic color. We never found out its identity until now the current owner contacted us.
It is Michael Albert, living in the village of Vösendorf. He told us that he was the 3rd owner and that the first owner, having the car until he sold it in 2014, painted the brand new car in violet metallic and repainted the BX again in 2014 before he sold it to the second owner. Incredible story because originally the car was red. !
Michael bought the car in 2015 from the 2nd owner who drove only 1500 kilometers.
This 2nd owner preferred buying a Porsche 911 in stead!
It is one of the first batch delivered to Austria in the 02XJ0000 series (nr 15).

Michael is looking forward to anyone who would like to organize a BX SPORT meeting in Europe.

Trigano 4TC sold at auction

7 Feb


[7 February 2016] As mentioned earlier, the BX 4TC (c/n XL3002) owned by Trigano and once stored in his private museum was put at an auction organized by Artcurial at the Retromobile show in Paris last week. At this auction the car was succesfully sold for 52000 euro. Hopefully we will find out more about the new owner in the near future.
Photo thanks to Jeroen van Zutphen!

Lateron :  Based on the information communicated by the french classic car newspaper LVA (La Vie de l’Auto), the sale price of the BX 4TC Trigano including taxes (16% auction taxes + VAT = 19,3%) was 61980€. It is confirmed that the car has no registration paper.

Kati’s SPORT

13 Jan


Kati Savolainen (Finland) stated today that his BX SPORT (0001XJ0529) has been in his family since April 2003. It’s still active but only from May to September. The winter is so rough season in Finland that it is better to keep it in a warm garage. The car was not in a good shape when they bought it in 2003 but afterwards is was completely restored. Little modifications have been made to outer body, for e.g. darker tail lights, other alloy wheels and Weber carburators, but its interior is of course still original.


Trigano BX4TC at auction retromobile

6 Jan

XLxxxx_Trigano_36 Citroen BX 4TC 1X

[6 January 2016]  It was stated that the BX 4TC (c/n XL3002) owned by Trigano and stored in his private museum will be sold at an auction organized by Artcurial at the next Retromobile show in Paris in February. It is in a very good shape, just as new. Photo was provided by Jean Francois Pierre.

More information can be found here: (english language is available) : and check directly for LOT 221 !!!

Unidentified 4TC found

5 Jan

[5 January 2016] Julien Herlaut shared a few interesting photos on our facebook page which can be found here. It shows a 4TC being restored and looking at the rims it could well be the BX 4TC with chassisnumber XL0048. Interesting details show license number “4255 WWP 27”.
Does anyone know more about this car??